Being Broke No More!

Breaking Free from the Rat Race: How to Create

a Prosperous Lifestyle by Eli Acevedo.

Good News!

Tired of being stuck? Do you daydream about a better life but don't know how to get it? Well, start living the life you want.

"Attracting What You Want and Dealing with Negativity" reveals how to achieve your goals and overcome hurdles. This book will help you flourish as an employee or business owner.

Stop hoping for a better life. Take charge and live your best life.

What is this book about?

Being Broke No More is a roadmap that will guide you through every step, beginning with recognizing that you have talents and gifts that can be monetized, and when you plan your strategy to leave the rat race for good, you will follow the steps required to acquire the skills, habits, and knowledge to thrive. And there is an entire chapter dedicated to sales techniques, which most people are uncomfortable with, but if you learn to attract the proper client, your process will run smoothly!

Regardless of how long you have been in the race, you can always decide to change your course. There is nothing carved in stone that you cannot modify.



A positive mindset unlocks success. With the correct mindset, you can overcome life's challenges and achieve your ambitions. It's like a secret weapon that provides you an edge. To succeed, develop the correct mindset.


Many business owners struggle with sales, but targeting the correct audience is key. In this section, I'll walk you through a proven process to conquer your sales phobia and master promoting your business to the right people. These tools can let you confidently connect with potential clients and boost sales.


Take advantage of the Digital Age's business transformation. The internet lets you reach customers worldwide. Don't miss this chance to grow your business and achieve new heights. Staying current on digital trends and techniques might give you a competitive edge. Why wait? Embrace the Digital Age and see your business flourish!


Use technology to remain ahead in today's fast-paced world. Digital technologies may enhance sales and grow your firm beyond your wildest dreams.

Social media marketing, email campaigns, and SEO offer unlimited digital business growth prospects. You can enhance sales, brand visibility, and target audience reach with the correct methods and technologies.

Why wait? Use the Digital Age to boost your business today.


Any profession requires time management, delegation, and collaboration. By working well with others, you can leverage their skills and reach your goals faster and more creatively. You won't be a loner anymore!


Stop thinking and start doing! It's excellent to learn, but we must apply it. Don't be paralyzed by doubt. Let's go!


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